Contango, An AEG Company

Turning Evidence Into Performance

Contango is a global leader in the design and optimization of water treatment solutions. With expertise in biological, chemical and physical water treatment, Contango’s team of technical experts are uniquely positioned to solve complex water quality challenges for a variety of industries.

Our team has successfully designed, piloted, permitted, and implemented a multitude of passive and semi-passive water treatment solutions, including constructed wetlands, pit lakes, underground mine pool reactors, and biochemical reactors. In particular, we specialize in the treatment of metals, metalloids including arsenic and selenium, nitrogen compounds (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, cyanide, thiocyanate), sulphate, hydrocarbons, and naphthenic acids.

Contango’s phased approach ensures that evidence-based science is applied at all stages of the design, piloting, and on-site implementation, resulting in risk reduction and effective, consistent, and long-term water quality solutions.

Our in-house capabilities include:

Warm and cold-climate pilot facilities: Our facilities uniquely position us to develop and test customized water treatment solutions for a wide range of climates.

Microbe laboratory: Our DNA testing technology opens the black box of biological water treatment and turns evidence into improved performance.

Contango is a part of the Alexco Environmental Group (AEG). AEG is a growing environmental consulting and remediation firm with proven capacity for turnkey remediation project execution. Contango laboratories and pilot-scale testing facilities complement AEG’s expertise in the construction of water treatment systems and environmental site management and remediation. Together we provide a full range of water treatment and remediation services from laboratory benchtop to onsite implementation and operation. 

Did You Know?

Contango operates the only dedicated fee-for-service water treatment system pilot facility in north america with complimentary microbiology laboratories. We develop and optimize site-specific water treatment strategies that are designed for clients based on their unique situation and needs.