Our multidisciplinary team in Saskatoon, led by Dr. Vanessa Friesen, is currently 20 people and growing.

Vanessa Friesen, PhD, Ep

Senior Operations Manager

Vanessa Friesen holds a PhD in applied microbiology and biochemistry and is a Senior Operations Manager at Contango, an AEG Company.  She has extensive background in scientific design and testing of biological treatment systems, and is regarded by industry as a leading scientist in the discipline of biological treatment of selenium. She has coordinated the designs and testing for passive and semi-passive water treatment systems, and provided specialist support for bioreactor performance monitoring and correction, optimization, and enhanced control. Dr. Friesen has led Contango’s internal technology development team, guiding Contango to becoming the first independent company in North America to provide contract genomic microbial profiling for the environmental and water treatment sectors, and maintaining Contango at the forefront of this sector. See Dr. Friesen’s Research Gate Profile here (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vanessa_Friesen2 )

Rachel martz, BSC., EP

Environmental Manager

Rachel Martz has a B.Sc. in Land Use and Environmental Studies and is an Environmental Manager at Contango, an AEG Company. Rachel has more than a decade of experience in the environmental industry with experience throughout central, western and northern Canada, and internationally. She has extensive experience in environmental monitoring at active, closed, and abandoned mine sites and can assist in writing and revising reclamation and closure plans for proposed and operational mines. Rachel is knowledgeable in mining reclamation and remediation and monitoring activities, with a great deal of experience in field sampling, monitoring, and coordinating field programs. In her role, Rachel manages large passive and biological water treatment projects as well as overseas our pilot scale operations.

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kari mccaffery, mSC.

Business Unit Manager, Genomics and Microbiology

Kari McCaffery has a M.Sc. in applied microbiology and is a Business Unit Manager at Contango, an AEG Company. Kari has nearly 20 years of experience as a scientist, manager and business woman within various industries including agriculture, food and the environment. The early part of her career was spent as a Research Scientist in a government where she designed industrial microbial processes on behalf of her clients. Her expertise also includes project management, business development, and business operations. In her role, Kari overseas the microbiology and genomics testing operations and works with our team to deliver innovative testing solutions for our clients.