Our multidisciplinary team in Saskatoon, led by Dr. Vanessa Friesen, is currently 22 people and growing.

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Vanessa Friesen, PhD, Ep

Senior Operations Manager

Vanessa Friesen holds a PhD in applied microbiology and biochemistry and is a Senior Operations Manager at Contango, an AEG Company.  She has extensive background in scientific design and testing of biological treatment systems, and is regarded by industry as a leading scientist in the discipline of biological treatment of selenium. She has coordinated the designs and testing for passive and semi-passive water treatment systems, and provided specialist support for bioreactor performance monitoring and correction, optimization, and enhanced control. Dr. Friesen has led Contango’s internal technology development team, guiding Contango to becoming the first independent company in North America to provide contract genomic microbial profiling for the environmental and water treatment sectors, and maintaining Contango at the forefront of this sector. See Dr. Friesen’s Research Gate Profile here (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vanessa_Friesen2 )

Monique Simair (Haakensen), PhD, RPBio, PBiol, EP

President & Principal Scientist

Founder, Contango Strategies Ltd.

Dr. Simair holds a PhD in applied microbiology, and post-doctoral research associateship in environmental microbiology and biogeochemistry. Dr. Simair’s expertise in bioremediation and passive/semi-passive water treatment has focused on the mining sector and industrial sites, spanning from conceptual design, to technical and public regulatory hearings, through to implementation and long-term closure. She has worked on passive, semi-passive, and biological water treatment systems such as constructed wetlands, bioreactors, and in situ treatment for mines across North America and some overseas locations. After founding Contango in 2010, she grew the company into a thriving environmental firm with laboratories and dedicated pilot facilities. As a result, she has been named one of Canada’s future entrepreneurial leaders by Profit Magazine (2011), and to their W100 list of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs (2015).