Contango is a hybrid of a consulting company and contract research and development firm.  Many of the consulting projects we engage in benefit from confirmatory testing and optimization in our laboratories and pilot facilities.  Not only do we conceptually design and plan passive water treatment systems such as constructed wetlands, we also aid with regulatory and licensing processes and perform the necessary piloting and optimization in our pilot facilities to ensure their predictability and robustness upon implementation.

Our combination of dedicated warm and cold-climate pilot facilities uniquely position Contango to develop and test customized bioremediation solutions for a wide range of climates.  Our in-house microbiology laboratories give us insight into how to optimize biological processes for your benefit.


Contango operates the only dedicated fee-for-service passive water treatment system pilot facility in north america with complimentary microbiology laboratories. We develop and optimize site-specific water treatment strategies that are designed for clients based on their unique situation and needs.