Contango's Blog - Coming soon!

This blog will be updated every couple of weeks and will cover topics that we work with day to day at Contango, some progress updates of studies and projects, and even a guest blog from time to time. The posts will vary from being scientific in nature, to random ponderings relevant to our areas of work.

This page will be updated very soon with our first blog topic, and we would like your ideas and input! Some upcoming posts:

  1. What is a constructed wetland treatment system
  2. Why are plants used in a constructed wetland
  3. How microbiome analysis can be used for environmental applications
  4. How to collect samples for microbial profiling
  5. Why is a pilot-phase often necessary for constructed wetland optimization
  6. How do microbes help constructed wetlands treat metals
  7. What is the difference between microbiome, metagenome, genome, and transcriptome analyses
  8. What happens when a constructed wetland gets cold or freezes
  9. What are some different passive treatment options

What other topics you would like to see in the near future?

Let us know what you want to see for our first blog posts in our comments section!