What types of samples can I submit?
Almost any type of sample can be processed, such as soil, water, slime, swabs, plant roots, waste rock, ore, concentrate, leachate, filters, biofilms, and other industrial liquids.

How do I collect and submit a sample?
Sample collection and submission information is available upon request.

How long does it take to get my results?
Standard turnaround time is 30 business days. Rush processing is available for some test packages - contact us for information and cost.

How is the data reported?
Each report includes the analyzed, compiled and quality controlled data in excel format with the identity, community composition (percentage), and relevant information about the microbes in your samples. Some packages also include quantification results. Contact us for example reports.

I'm not an expert in microbiology, will I be able to understand the results?
Each report includes several easy to understand charts, and key information about your microbes. By selecting the package appropriate to your sample, you can ensure there will be easy to understand, relevant information in the report. We also have environmental consultants on site to assist you in applying your microbiology results.

Can samples from different submissions be compared?
Yes. Some of this can be compiled from the excel reports, but for more complex comparisons, ask us and we would be happy to do so for a small fee.  

How long have these tests been around for?
Seven years! Contango developed the processes for the mining industry. The service has since been expanded and offered as an independent test. The MCP test has been used in a broad range of industries across Canada and around the world. 

What type of quality control is involved?
Because data integrity is critical to any downstream application or interpretation of the data, internal positive and negative controls are included in every run for quality control. These controls ensure we can assess background noise, standard deviation of the sequencing run, and reproducibility over time. This quality control is included in the price of all MCP tests.